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Readers of Volumes 1 and 2 often told me that, while the appreciated the Introduction in those books, they thought it was too long—they wanted to jump right into the prayer study and devotionals! I appreciated this sentiment, and I was never happy with the introduction, because I thought they did not include enough examples of the types of prayers, and hardly any in the section where I discussed how I study the Bible. One perceptive reader said to me, “make it a separate book, and make the eBook versions free!” It was a great idea, and the volume is now ready for download!
From the publisher:
Enriching Your Prayers is a key companion to McDowell’s expansive project, Praying Through the Bible. With the goal of studying every prayer in the Bible, this series explores Biblical prayer in their original contexts and then draws meaning from them for the purpose of expanding and enriching our own prayer practice. This book delves into each of the nine prayer types found in the Bible, studying their structure, content, and purpose, with examples of each. The latter part of the books explores the method of study used in the series: a standard three-part method of Bible study that seeks to place the prayer in its original historical and linguistic context, examine its literary character, and then ask how it can be understood (and misunderstood) from our point of view.
Whether you read this book as an introduction to the other Praying Through the Bible books, or read it later for more detail and application, Enriching Your Prayers is an excellent insight into the prayers of the Bible and how to use them in your own prayer life.
Based on the original introductions in the full Praying Through the Bible volumes 1, 2, and 3, this book expands on that material, offering more details and more examples, as well as a longer section on McDowell’s approach to studying the prayers of the Bible.

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Vol 1: Genesis–Joshua
40 prayer studies and a devotional application.

Paperback | Kindle | iBook

Vol 2: Judges–2 Samuel
47 prayer studies and a devotional application.

Paperback | Kindle | iBook

Vol 3: 1 Kings–2 Chronicles
60 prayer studies and devotional application.

Paperback | Kindle

Also available as individual volumes for each biblical book.

The Prayers of Genesis
Kindle | iBook
The Prayers of Exodus
Kindle | iBook
The Prayers of Leviticus & Numbers
Kindle | iBook
The Prayers of Deuteronomy
Kindle | iBook
The Prayers of Joshua
Kindle | iBook

The Prayers of 1 Samuel
The Prayers of 2 Samuel
Kindle | iBooks
The Prayers of Judges
The Prayers of Ruth

The Prayers of 1 Kings
Kindle | iBooks
The Prayers of 2 Kings
Kindle | iBooks
The Prayers of 1 Chronicles
Kindle | iBooks
The Prayers of 2 Chronicles
Kindle | iBooks

The Prayers of Ezra

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