A huge thank you to my long-time readers! Your encouragement and support over these last seven years has been uplifting. While not many of you comment on the posts themselves, I get many emails and direct messages on social media. I love your questions, ideas, and even critiques. It is because of you that the project expanded from a simple blog to include more resources, paperback and eBooks, podcasts, online discussions, and more. But what touches my heart is how many of you tell me how your prayer life has grown deep and wide. That, after all, is the primary purpose of this project.

The next step

It is time to take another step. The project has grown to a point where I cannot keep up with all the requests and vision that I have. As you can imagine, each post, podcast, and takes a lot of research. Add the time for writing, editing, formatting, recording, editing again, and so on, it adds up to a lot. I’ve supported it with my full-time work as a freelance writer and editor, but it becomes more difficult the more than I do.

Be a Patron like Theophilus

I want to offer more resources and encouragement to people who want more from their prayers. To offer more ways to teach about prayer, but also more ways for people to get involved and share their stories, ideas, and experiences.

To do this, I am seeking Patrons.

Patronage is an ancient idea—especially among the Roman and early Christians. The writer of the Gospel of Luke and Acts had a patron that supported him while he researched and wrote the Gospel (his name was “Theophilus,” as you see in Luke 1.1 and Acts 1.1). I’m looking for modern-day “Theophilus” people to support this modern-day project about prayer. Even less than the price of a cup of coffee a month will help.

How it works

As little as $2 a month is enough, and you can start or stop any month (no yearly fees or payments). For that, you get access to every detail of every post, include all previous posts (almost 200). I’ll also send you an eBook copy of my new book, Enriching Your Prayer: How to Study the Prayers of the Bible.

If you want to support at higher levels, I’ll give you more stuff: access to podcasts and audio versions, more free books, discounts on other resources, access early drafts of upcoming books for your critique, input, and even to offer your stories or ideas, and more.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) be a Patron, there will always be some posts that are permanently free (including new ones occasionally), you can read the beginning summary of most posts, and, of course, the books and resources are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Apple Books Store, and so on.

A platform called Patron makes being a Patron easy. You may have heard of it. In its essence, it is a way for people to become Patrons for others who are creating something worthwhile.

The Vision

I don’t see this as just my project—it’s ours. I want your ideas, your stories, your input about prayer. I’d like to expand the podcasts to include interviews and your stories. And I want to give out helpful stuff when I can.

The driving force that has led me to work on this project is this: prayer is powerful and effective in so many ways, but most people of faith have never been taught how to have a rich, vibrant, and engaging prayer life. I see us taking this project and changing the world of faith through a renewed vision of prayer—one that will make us feel joy, but also one that will take us to task for our occasional shallowness, insincerity, unwillingness to critique ourselves, and giving in to cultural ideas that may not always been in line with our created purpose.

Here are the core values of the Praying Through the Bible project:

  1. Understand the purpose of prayer and how to use that purpose in your own prayers.
  2. Discover new styles and ways of praying (that are not really new at all)
  3. Become more confident in where, what, how, and when to pray.
  4. Enrich our prayers in ways you may never have thought possible.

This mission will not change. But I hope, with your support and partnership, it will grow and spread to all believers everywhere.

Interested? Visit the Praying Through the Bible Patreon page for more information or to become a Patron.

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