The Goal
The goal of the Praying through the Bible project is to explore ways to help people pray with more confidence, engagement, and effectiveness by studying every mention of prayer in the scriptures of Jews and Christians.

A lot of us pray. A lot of us would like to pray more. Or better (whatever that might mean.) Or more richly, more engagingly, more effectively. This project can help you:

  1. Understand the purpose of prayer and how to use that purpose in your own prayers.
  2. Discover new styles and ways of praying (that are not really new at all).
  3. Become more confident in where, what, how, and when to pray.
  4. Enrich our prayers in ways you may never have thought possible.

The Gold
There are hundreds of prayers in the scriptures of Jews and Christians. They occur in every conceivable circumstance, form, and style. Surely there is more to learn than just to recite Psalm 23 or the Lords Prayer.

It turns out that these hundreds of prayers are incredibly rich and diverse—so much so that it makes most modern prayers seem dull and lifeless (even the good ones)! Some of what we find is exciting, some difficult, some funny, and some are even disturbing.

What better way to shake up our prayers than exploring the prayer of those ancient people? One by one, every prayer in the Bible, starting with the first prayer in Genesis.

More than that, what if we could bring this renewed engagement in prayer to the whole world?

The Gritty-Nitty

I believe that can happen, but I can’t do it alone. If you are willing to become a partner and patron, we can make this happen on a larger scale than it already is. Help me by pledging $2 a month (or more), and you’ll receive these benefits:

  1. Salt of the Earth Patron. For less than the price of a cup of coffee once a month ($2), you get access to every new post about each prayer (1-3 a month), access to all the previous studies (over 150 as of August 2018), and a copy of the free book Enriching Your Prayers: How To Study the Prayers of the Bible.
  2. Power Patron ($5/month). Everything above in #1, plus
    • Access to every new and previous prayer study (1-3 a month)
    • Access to the audio versions (1-3 a month)
    • Shout-out on the blog for your support
    • A downloadable book: The World of the New Testament.
  3. Contributing Patron ($15/month). Everything above in 1 & 2, plus:
    • Access to early versions of my next book. You’ll get a link to read it online, where you can offer comments, critiques, and suggest own ideas for an application or a personal story that could be included.
    • A free Kindle or iBook version of the book when published, and a 30% discount on the paperback version.
    • Pose questions about the prayers which I will answer in a subsequent podcast.
    • Your name mentioned in any books you critique (paperback and ebook) as a supporter and contributor.
  4. Patron of Patrons ($30/month). Everything above in 1–3, plus:
    • Everything above, plus priority answers to podcast questions.
    • Signed copies of the last three paperback volumes of Praying Through the Bible along with the eBook versions of each.
    • 30% discount on all my books (including novels and other nonfiction)
    • A personal Skype interview to discuss any of the prayers studied (or an upcoming one).

With any of these, you only contribute month-to-month, and can stop supporting at any time. This is not a “yearly subscription” program, give as you see fit for as long or short as you wish.

Try it Out!
If you would like to sample some of the full material before joining, here are some of the public posts:

You can also listen to a few of the publicly available audio versions (podcasts) here:

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The Prayers of Ezra

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