Praying Through the Bible Podcast

Short devotional commentaries on the prayers of the Bible, with background, meaning, and application.

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Selected Episodes

#1 Introduction to the Praying Through the Bible project

by Markus McDowell | Praying Through the Bible

In this episode, Dr. McDowell discusses how the Praying Through the Bible project began, what its purpose is, and how we will approach the study of the prayers of the Bible.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode
Praying Through the Bible (Vol 1): Genesis-Joshua (Paperback | Kindle | iBook)
Praying Through the Bible (Vol 2): Judges-2 Samuel (Paperback | Kindle | iBook)

#2 Studying the Prayers of the Bible

by Markus McDowell | Praying Through the Bible

In this episode, Dr. McDowell discusses the difficulties in studying the Bible, a collection of ancient documents. He suggests a common 3-part method which places a passage in its original context, explores langauge and culture, and critique our own viewpoints as we read the passages.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode
Let the Bible Speak: A Simple, Three-Part Method for Bible Study (Kindle | iBook)


#3 The Types of Prayers We Pray, Part 1 (Praise and Thanksgiving)

by Markus McDowell | Praying Through the Bible

In this introductory episode, we explore two of the most common types of prayer: praises and thanksgiving. What are they? What do they sound like? What are some examples from the Bible?


All Episodes

Podcast: Praising God with Music (Exod 15.21)

This prayer is offered by Miriam and the women of Israel, after God delivered them from the Egyptians through the Red Sea. Prayers are often set to music—the entire book of Psalms is a hymnbook of lyrics for which we no longer have the music. Miriam’s prayer-hymn, and the one by Moses and the men before it, offer us some ideas as to how we can use music in our prayer practice, too.

Podcast: Praying a vow (Jacob’s Vow, Gen 28.22-24)

Become a Patron of the Praying Through the Bible, spread the word, and get extra benefits such as full access to all posts, books, and more. Become a Patron > In the modern world (at least in the Western world) we do not offer many prayer vows. Many may not even know...

Podcast 11 – Intercession and Petition for a Child 
(Gen 25.21, 22)

In the ancient world, having children was perhaps more important than today, since they viewed having children as the only way to gain “immortality.” Just as Abraham and Sarah did not conceive for a long time, so also their son Isaac and his wife Rebekah could not conceive. Their story, and their prayers, can help us learn how to petition and inquire of God.

Podcast 10 – Hagars Lament (Gen 21.16)

Have you ever cried while praying? Actually cried out loud? I don’t know of many who admit to it, but lot of people in scripture do so. Maybe it is a difference in cultures: people of Middle East (both ancient and modern), tend to be more demonstrative than do Westerners. In this study, we have our first encounter in the Bible with someone who cries as she prays to God.

Podcast 8 – Melchizedek blesses Abram (Gen 14.19-20)

It is not always Israelites or Christians who offer prayers in the Bible. Sometimes pagans do. Does God here those prayers? What can we learn from them for our own prayers? This episode explores the blessing-prayer given by the pagan priest Melchizedek upon Abram....

Podcast 7 – Noah’s Blessings and Curse 
(Gen 9.25-27)

In this episode, we explore the prayer of Noah: a curse-prayer and two blessing-prayers. Noah curses his son Canaan and his descendants, but blesses his two sons Ham and Japheth and their descendants. What does this mean, and, for our purposes, what is a curse prayer, and should we ever pray one ourselves?





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