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Summary of the Prayers in Second Chronicles

Second Chronicles ends the lengthy historical annals of the kings of Israel, both north and south. Beginning near the end of David’s reign (9th century BC), the story is told of the powerful united kingdom, a civil war and division into north and south (called Israel and Judah), and the events from that point until the destruction of the north by the Assyrian Empire (722 BC), and then the destruction and exile of the south by the Babylonian Empire (586 BC). The story ends with a brief account of the exile and the return from exile, eighty years later.

Prayer plays a major role throughout Second Chronicles—there are 36 prayers in the 36 chapters. Those prayers give us a variety of models for our own prayers: praise, petitions, intercessions, thanksgivings, a blessing, a vow, and a confession. Almost all of these prayers are tied to the theme of “immediate retribution” emphasized by the writer: when one is faithful, the blessings of God follow, but when one is unfaithful, suffering and punishment are the results. During the last decades of Israel’s existence, we find the themes of confessions, repentance, new beginnings, and the joy that God takes when a stray child returns to him, all exemplified in the prayers within.

The history of Israel, like our own lives, is filled with times of faithfulness and unfaithfulness, times of joy and of sadness, failure and victory, betrayal and redemption, suffering and blessing. Within these kings, good, bad, flawed, selfish, and even evil, we find parts of ourselves. Their prayers can become our prayers, helping us to avoid their mistakes and build upon their faithfulness.


Bringing Joy to God Through Humility (2 Chron 33.12-13, 19)

Often, when we falter in our faith, when we sin, or when we stray, the moment when we confess and repent can be an embarrassing, difficult, and somber time. Yet this prayer, offered by a king who did terrible things, shows how much pleasure God has when someone asks for forgiveness.

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Prayer as an Excuse for Inaction (2 Chron 32.20)

“Then King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz prayed because of this and cried to heaven.”

Sometimes, we rely too much on ourselves. But it is also possible to rely too much on prayer! Hezekiah did both, and it is a good less for us about prayer.

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Who is your mentor in faith? (2 Chron 26.5)

Who are your tutors or mentors? A person or persons who guide you, advise you, and hold you accountable? Perhaps we think we don’t need mentors once we become adults. King Uzziah’s example would tell us otherwise. He reigned as king for 52 years, and was a faithful and successful king under his mentor and teacher, Zechariah. When Zechariah died, Uzziah’s kingship fell apart.

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A Prayer of Praise for Your Blessings (2 Chron 9.8)

This prayer from 2 Chronicles 9.8 is offered by an unknown figure from history whom the writer only refers to as the Queen of Sheba. Though she is not a follower of Yahweh, she blesses Him when she sees how blessed Solomon is with wealth and wisdom.

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Prayer: for your steadfast love endures forever… (2 Chron 7.3, 6)

This little prayer can help us (despite its paucity!). “Goodness” and “love” are two things that every human desires. This prayer focuses on those two characteristics of God. He is the definition and source of all that is good, and he is the definition and source of genuine love that never ends. What powerful theological concepts in just ten short words!

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The depth of blessing-prayers (2 Chron 6.4-6)

After the blessing prayer by the priests and musicians, Solomon turns to address his subjects, assembled in front of the new Temple. He also offers a prayer—a praise to God for what He has done. This prayer of Solomon is a good model for how to pray an enriched blessing prayer.

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A Simple and Profound Prayer (2 Chron 5.13)

A Simple and Profound Prayer 2 Chron 5.13 Background The previous prayer asked for God to bless Solomon and his work on the Temple. “For he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever,” Following that prayer, the author described the details of the preparation and...

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